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Dissolution Tester Repair Services

Pharmaceutical lab managers depend on Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE.

Dissolution Tester Repair

We offer dissolution tester repair services, along with other tailored service options.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE knows that every lab works with strict budgets, unique projects, varied assets, and other items that might affect the organization’s service needs. This is why we offer a complete line of services to meet the needs of any lab manager seeking help with their instrumentation.

Dissolution testers are a common player in the pharmaceutical industry

We know how important it is to keep them in the rotation.

A fast-paced lab — which requires diligent attention to compliance and instrumentation maintenance — can be stressful for even the most experienced leaders. This is where a partnership with Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE can help. Our group of advisors and field engineers will become a part of your lab’s expert lineup, adding decades of combined experience to your team.

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We custom-craft contracts based on your lab’s unique requirements.

When your dissolution tester is malfunctioning, it can be caused by a myriad of issues.

Miniscule cracks in the vessel, damaged baskets, filter absorption, or vibrations can lead to loss of reproducibility. Troubleshooting this equipment can be daunting and time-consuming for someone already stretched in many different directions. Instead of shifting priorities around and pushing back other important tasks, call on Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE. Our service contract customers enjoy many perks and benefits including preferential pricing on repair parts, discounts on travel, priority scheduling, and more. Our 48-hour onsite guarantee is a great fit for busy pharmaceutical labs with tight deadlines and heavy compliance requirements.

Dissolution Tester Parts & Labor Inclusions

Have you ever been caught off guard by the price of a needed repair part? You’re definitely not alone. We’ve heard this story more than a few times, which is why we decided to create contract options that include the cost of parts and labor for your critical lab instrumentation. While this is never the cheapest option, it’s a wonderful fit for lab managers and lab directors who are working to control costs and maintain a transparent annual budget.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE is also a supplier of dissolution tester repair parts, which allows us to pass savings over to our dedicated contract customers. As mentioned before, in addition to preferential pricing for repair parts you can also expect special pricing for travel and labor costs.

Dissolution Tester Repair Services

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Dissolution Tester Maintenance (PM Visits)

Preventative maintenance is an important consideration when it comes to lab instrumentation budgets. When you have a service contract with Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE, you are provided with a dedicated account manager who will stay on top of your PM needs and make sure those visits are scheduled in a timely manner. If something comes up and you need to cancel, no problem! We know that schedules can change on a dime in any fast-paced laboratory. If your dissolution tester can’t leave rotation for a PM visit, we can always reschedule the visit for a time that is more convenient for you.

Dissolution Tester Qualification Services (IQ/OQ/PQ)

IQ/OQ/PQ in highly regulated industries is of paramount importance; not adhering to documented qualification requirements can lead to disastrous results on many different levels. With Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE on your team, you have a full group of experienced engineers and consultants at the ready to help keep your lab operating smoothly and within compliance standards. Scaling your lab up to the next level has never been easier.

Onsite, Billable Dissolution Tester Repair

When an ongoing service contract isn’t in the budget.

You can look to Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE for billable dissolution tester repair services when you need them. With regional engineers stationed all over the country, we have the capacity to offer fast repair services for a plethora of lab instrumentation. Cost control is not important to every lab, but having an easy process to request repair services in a timely fashion usually is. If you’re currently experiencing a critical instrument failure and you’ve reached the end of your troubleshooting rope, create a repair request ticket with us and a member of our service team will be in touch with you shortly. We welcome new customers by offering a simple, seamless process to getting started with Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE:


Submit your service or repair request through the phone or on our website.

One of our service engineers will reach out to you with some questions so we can assemble a quote.


If you accept the quote, your repair work order is created in our system.

Your assigned engineer will reach out to you to coordinate their onsite visit and go over our COVID-19 protocols.


Your service engineer will arrive onsite to administer an instrument fix.

Meticulous care is taken to make sure that your instrument is ready to be back in the rotation.

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We are happy to assemble a custom quote for you or answer any questions you might have. We support MANY different instruments; if you don’t see yours listed on our website, we ask that you still reach out. Our team’s expertise grows every day.

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