ETP 14617 5973 Electron Multiplier with Mount


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p>The ETP 14617 Electron Multiplier is compatible with the Agilent 5973 and 5975 GCMS and includes the mount. This multiplier is not a replacement for instruments equipped with the triple-axis detector.

• “Plug-in” Compatible          • High Gain
• High Sensitivity                  • Long Life
• Low Noise                          • Stable in air

The ACTIVE FILM Multipliers™ are compatible with the Agilent 5973 and 5975MSD (Mass Selective Detector) is specifically designed for the instrument. It is a direct “plug-in” replacement electron multiplier assembly for the HP5973 and 5975 MSD series mass spectrometer and is fully compatible with the hardware and “Auto-tune” software. ACTIVE FILM Multipliers™ are a new development in multiplier technology that incorporates totally air-stable “ACTIVE FILM” materials into a discrete-dynode multiplier design to produce an exceptionally sensitive ion detector with long operating life and excellent air stability. ACTIVE FILM Multipliers™ give a combination of
performance and durability unsurpassed by any other type of electron multiplier detector. ACTIVE FILM Multipliers™ have a higher gain than alternative multipliers resulting in consistently lower “Auto-tune” voltages. Their long operating lifetime means less frequent multiplier replacement and reduced instrument down-time.



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