Reconditioned Ext-70 Turbo Pump for 5973N Mass Spectrometers


SKU: G2589-89061-R


Edwards EXT-70 ISO 100 Turbo Pump

Manufacturer: Edwards Vacuum

OEM PART #:G2589-89061, Refurbished
FSA PART #: HP-593-3010-E
FSA PRICE:  $5,173.00

Edwards 70L High vacuum exchange pump compatible with the Agilent 5973 GC/MS.
Completely Refurbished & Tested by Edwards Vacuum Technologies.

EXT Turbomolecular pumps,Edwards Vacuum Technologies –
“The Edwards EXT turbomolecular and compound molecular pumps provide a reliable, hydrocarbon-free high and ultra high vacuum. Utilizing multi-stage axial flow turbines combined with magnetic and ceramic bearings, the EXT design provides oil and vibration free operation with minimal maintenance on high critical foreline pressure processes.”

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