Biotech lab equipment requires consistent, expert attention.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE can help you stay compliant while relieving the burden of qualification, equipment maintenance, repairs, and procurement.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE Offers:

  • Custom Service Contracts
  • Onsite PM Visits
  • Calibration and IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Lab Asset Management
  • Onsite Billable Repairs (As Needed)
  • Lab Relocation Services
  • Lab Depot Repairs
  • Custom Cold Rooms
  • Retrofits and Refurbishments
  • Repair Parts and Supplies
  • And more

At Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE, we know the operating expenses of a biotech company can be costly.

The investment into research and testing alone can be massive, and there are never guarantees how results turn out. Instrumentation and compliance issues only slow down this vital project phase. Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE’s multi-OEM engineering team is ready to help with everything from professional repairs to equipment procurement (and every step in between to maintain your biotech lab equipment).

If all goes well during the R&D phase, the manufacturing and production phase can begin, presenting a whole new set of challenges.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE maintains the certifications your lab needs to help with IQ/OQ/PQ services, validation services, NIST-traceable calibrations, and more. Keeping detailed maintenance and repair logs for your autoclaves, incubators, cold storage equipment, and analytical instrumentation becomes our responsibility, and we’ve been doing it for years. With our strategically placed hubs all over the country, our high-capacity team can assemble a custom contract for everything you need. Do you have multiple instruments from many different OEMs? We can craft a contract proposal that meets your budgetary requirements and keeps the lab operational.

Hit your research and testing deadlines by alleviating analytical instrumentation downtime and keeping the science accurate/replicable.

Analytical instrumentation is the foundation of Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE’s beginnings. While our knowledge base continues to grow, chromatography instrumentation will always be our specialty. We work with HPLC, GC, GCMS, LCMS, and more. If you lose hours of valuable time troubleshooting noisy baselines and pressure issues, our team can help. We offer preventative maintenance plans, in addition to refurbishment services, expert repairs, replacement parts, software upgrades, and retrofits. We know your lab is unique with specific needs and budgetary requirements. Our team of instrumentation advisors is ready to discuss what it will take to keep everything moving. Now you can focus on the bigger picture of growth strategies and strategic partnerships.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE can help keep your sterilization equipment in top condition from installation to decommissioning.

Autoclaves are an essential piece of biotech lab equipment. Our team has decades of combined experience for autoclave repair services. Moreover, our certifications allow us to assist with overall compliance through professional calibration services. In addition to calibration, we also offer regular PM visits, IQ/OQ/PQ, expert repairs, retrofits, software upgrades, and many other critical maintenance services. Our contract customers receive priority scheduling, but we also provide billable repair services. You can always request billable services from Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE when a service contract isn’t in the budget. Being flexible is very important to us—we know “one size fits all” labs don’t exist.

Incubators are a common piece of biotech lab equipment, and we know how to maintain them.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE is ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means we can help with compliance. We have a deep understanding of the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations, and we have years of experience assisting labs to build compliant standard operating procedures. We can also adopt existing SOPs around instrumentation maintenance! Our experienced service engineers have a reputation for laboratory excellence and will quickly become an integral part of your technical team. Incubators house expensive biological materials like tissue and cell cultures; keeping the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels perfect takes considerable effort. Our team is up to the task!

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE LogoFull Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE is ready to become your trusted biotech lab equipment advisor.

Our clients love our single-point solution for onsite lab equipment repair, regular maintenance, and equipment procurement. It means fewer service vendors, fewer invoices every month, and dedicated engineers who have a deep understanding of the lab. Our team is full of past chemists, OEM engineers, and lab managers—so we know how many plates the leadership team has to spin (along with knowing the instrumentation inside and out). We love serving our clients, and the relationships we have built drives Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE forward. If you are looking for a contract proposal, we are more than happy to assemble a proposal for you. Perhaps you are experiencing an instrumentation failure, and you need a service engineer to come out? No problem, you can make a service request at any time.

We look forward to serving your lab!

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