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Our Lab Consultancy and Scientific Workflow team specializes in client briefs, change management, Occupiers & Owners, laboratory design, and much more. With multiple specialties in business operations, real estate, instrumentation maintenance, and more—our consulting services are a perfect match for any lab that wants to improve efficiency and profitability.

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Our laboratory consulting services are a complete turnkey solution for all aspects of your lab.

Bring an entire team of experts in-house.

Our team can help with client briefs, change management, concept design, laboratory design, scientific workflows, lab occupancy, motion studies, critical space usage, consolidation, commissioning instrumentation, instrumentation repair & maintenance, footprint scoring, and so much more.

Full Service Laboratory Consulting and Instrumentation Repair

Designing the Labs of the Future: Client Case Studies

Client 1:

Reducing Requirement for Laboratory Floor Space by 28%

Relocating 325 scientists from seven departments.

The Outcome

Moved NJ campuses to Massachusetts to improve external collaborations, creating $20M in savings and the ability to repurpose 1-year R&D budget.

The Challenge

Space program (concept design) and proposal produced by the architect-engineer (A-E) company did not meet the business expectations.

The Solution

Utilised occupancy data to benchmark space metrics applied to the scientific groups who were part of the space relocation.

Client 2:

Densified existing underutilised laboratories by 150%

The Outcome

We realized new value through disposal, reducing the overall footprint by 15% and decreasing overall facility operating costs with a 2-year ROI.

The Challenge

The organization had six underutilized laboratory buildings occupied for the past 20 years.

The Solution

eLABorate was used to examine occupancy and equipment utilization, along with a pilot study to validate the potential strategic optimization of the buildings. We retired underutilized equipment, increasing occupancy of the lab space.

Client 3:

Saved Scientists 27% in Lab Maintenance Costs

The Outcome

We helped the lab accommodate a 20% increase in headcount to meet their growth targets, along with creating a savings of 27% on service maintenance costs. We also helped them by not extending any leases on temporary buildings.

The Challenge

We were asked to help reduce service maintenance costs on the lab asset fleet by eliminating underutilized equipment.

The Solution

We compared the utilization data to service and maintenance costs in order to identify the value of optimizing the fleet. We eliminated equipment used less than 10% of its full capacity, and we used occupancy and equipment utilization data from the client’s temporary lab while the new building was under construction to redefine space metrics.

Client 4:

Reduced existing R&D HQ Campus by 150,000 SF

The Outcome

We helped consolidate 850 scientists from 53 different scientific groups, improving preferred group adjacencies on the main campus (increasing productivity).

The Challenge

To improve the preferred adjacency of scientific groups collocated and improve interaction, communications, and collaboration. To examine the opportunity to exit locally leased office space to allow employees back to campus.

The Solution

By benchmarking occupancy and space data, Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE was able to right-size space allocations and improve scientists’ relative locations. We also identified 150,000 sq ft of space to relocate staff back to main campus.

Our Certifications

Full Spectrum Lab Services by CBRE maintains stringent certifications so we can assist our clients and partners with laboratory compliance.

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