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Thermal Solutions

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE has a team of experts dedicated to lab refrigeration units, ULT freezers, lyophilizers, autoclaves, custom cold rooms, and more. We offer calibration, maintenance, and repair services—along with custom design and procurement services.

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Our Certifications

Full Spectrum Lab Services by CBRE maintains stringent certifications so we can assist our clients and partners with laboratory compliance.

ANAB Accreditations

Eagle Registration ISO 9001:2015

Laboratory Technicians and Chemists

Lab Refrigeration Repair & Corrective Maintenance

Most folks can imagine how frustrating it is when a home fridge goes out because of a power failure and all of the food spoils. While this can be a horrible inconvenience, the cost of replacing spoiled food pales in comparison to the cost of a laboratory refrigeration system failure.

ULT freezer usage in the lab

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

With regular maintenance and care, you might add years to the life of your expensive cold storage freezer(s). A regular plan for cleaning condenser filters, coils, and gaskets—along with regular de-icing—can easily become part of your laboratory’s standard operating procedures.

Autoclave usage at the lab

Autoclaves (Sterilizers)

Our expert technicians know what it takes to keep your laboratory’s autoclaves operating at manufacturer-specified levels. We provide onsite autoclave repair services when you need them, but we can also set up an ongoing service contract that includes regular PM, repairs, and compliance assistance. We also manage a well-stocked inventory of sterilization equipment repair and replacement parts.

Lyophilizer in Lab

Lyophilizers (Freeze Dryers)

Plenty of mechanical issues can arise with these complex instruments, and frequent usage requires a heavy preventative maintenance plan. If you’ve spent hours troubleshooting and lost high-value product loads due to performance issues—we can help.

Custom Cold Room

Custom Cold Rooms

We can design, outfit, and build your cold room, but we can also help with training, calibrations, backup power systems, alarm systems, and more. Our customers who store biological materials like tissue samples, plasma, and vaccines depend on us for NIST-traceable calibrations, qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ), repair services, and other critical services to keep their equipment operating at peak performance levels.

Laboratory Incubator


Incubators, like every piece of equipment, are integral to the success of the work happening inside your laboratory. Temperature, humidity, and gaseous levels can fluctuate in any storage space. Some fluctuation is normal and acceptable within a given range. Too much fluctuation, however, or a total drop in functionality, is not sustainable for your lab.

Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers

Keeping your test chamber operating within a tight temperature and humidity range takes constant work. We’re happy to take this task off your hands. Our team offers custom service contracts, PM plans, corrective repairs, validation, calibration, and more.