Dependable Lab Depot Repair Services

In addition to onsite service contracts and instrumentation repairs, Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE offers the option to send your laboratory instrumentation in for repair at one of our many national depot repair facilities.

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CBRE is multi-vendor certified

Onsite service is not always the best solution for every instrument and situation — and by sending an instrument in for repair or refurbishment you can save money and time. Costs are reduced with the absence of service rep travel time and lower hourly rates. Plus, delays due to scheduling are reduced or sometimes completely eliminated with our lab depot repair service. Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE’s depot repair facilities are staffed by experienced, qualified service engineers who follow OEM standards and practices for repairing your equipment.


  • Reduced cost because of lack of travel
  • Lower hourly rates
  • Faster turnaround times

Lab Depot Repair Services for Autosamplers

Full Spectrum’s depot repair service center will repair your autosamplers quickly and cost-effectively. We support multiple generations of autosamplers at a competitive rate. Talk to a depot service engineer today to get an initial estimate prior to shipping your instrumentation to our facility. If that initial estimate is accepted, we will send you packing instructions and an authorization number for the repair job. After your unit has been received and evaluated, we can deliver final cost estimations including the cost of repair parts.

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Chromatography Instrument Refurbishment

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE depot repair centers can also be used to refurbish your existing chromatography instrumentation. You may have equipment that has become unreliable, showing the first signs of age and a degree of use. Through Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE’s depot refurbishment services you can bring that instrumentation back into regular rotation, repurpose it, or sell it. This is a great fit for equipment that has been in storage for an extended period of time, inoperational, or simply “shelved” for years. Use our lab equipment depot repair services to bring your unused assets back online.

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Whether you want depot repair services or refurbishment services, Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE’s depot repair centers can take care of your lab’s needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Make a depot service request through the form below, and one of our engineers will be back with you shortly.

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