Cloud-Based Food and Beverage Monitoring

We ensure the safety of perishable goods within the cold storage and cold chain industries. Our cloud-based environmental monitoring solution is adapted to a wide range of monitoring applications for storage areas.

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Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE is at the forefront of wireless monitoring technology.

We simplify the process by using a range of wireless sensors. These sensors, equipped with long-range IoT technology, provide automated data recording with cloud storage. It’s accessible 24 hours a day, from any location in the world. You can also manage the data collected by the temperature data loggers and sensors remotely. On the monitoring web platform, manage your data using any type of terminal: PC, tablet or smartphone via the mobile app.

Full Spectrum Lab Services specializes in comprehensive quality and compliance solutions for food and beverage and retail industries as well as regulated industries’ manufacturing operations, quality control laboratories, and computerized systems. Leveraging this background and insight allows us to deliver a personalized, turnkey monitoring solution to fit your exact needs.

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Food & Beverage Solutions

Our food and beverage monitoring solution supports food services and hospitality industries. By providing real-time alerts and reports to protect food safety standards, industries can monitor their temperature-controlled food storage environments.

Our monitoring solutions are suitable for food and retail applications. The monitors measure a range from -30°C to +70°C. It accurately and reliably automates the temperature monitoring in cold rooms, and sends you alerts immediately if there are any problems. It’s also fully wireless with a battery life of 2+ years.

We also have monitoring solutions for food temperature control. This device has a measuring range of -199°C to +1,372°C, with an accuracy of ±0.4°C, ±1% of the measurement depending on the probe type. Once you install the app on a tablet, the Bluetooth communication keeps you apprised of any critical fluctuations. It has interchangeable Type K thermocouple probes, a penetration probe, a hypodermic probe, and a surface probe.

Technology for Both Spaces: Mapping Architecture

Our food and beverage monitoring solutions have a modular and customizable supervision platform.

Measurements are automatically uploaded to a secure cloud. The cloud hosts and operates on a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it an easy solution for food and beverage monitoring.

Customizable interface:

  • Different indicators and favorites
  • Optional modules adapted to different users’ needs: Maintenance, Metrology, Map, Active Directory, etc

Customizable user profile management:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Select different rights and permissions when creating new users in the cloud-based app/system: Managers, Supervisors, Admins, etc

Benefits of CBRE Food and Beverage Monitoring Solutions

In-House Installation, Management, and Support

A single-source solution for lab equipment is one thing, but to have one vendor help with all of your food and beverage monitoring solutions offers even more streamlined benefits. When you choose Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE, we’re with you through every step of the process. We provide installation, project management, and support of our food and beverage monitoring solutions. All of this is done by our in-house team of experts so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.

Cloud Storage and Timely Data Accessibility

Our solutions have secure and simple data access. It also has automatic backups, and the advantage of scalability allows you to add more storage resources as you need them. Reduce human error and deliver more accurate and timely data to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as FSMA and HACCP. You can also integrate data with your third-party system via a webAPI. Data is accessible anytime, anywhere using a web browser or the mobile app. 

Create Operational Efficiency and Reduce Waste

Our customization capability allows you to set up your monitoring solution based on specific roles. You can refine the relevance of alarms, assign monitoring responsibility, and manage metrology accordingly. Its wireless technology also enhances warehouse automation, resulting in a reduction in waste of perishable goods. That way you save time, money, and resources.

Ease of Installation With a Wide Range of Coverage

The small sensor size and lack of wiring means you can place the equipment as close as possible to your sensitive products. You can also fix the monitoring solutions in a fridge with a strong integrated magnet. With Full Spectrum Lab Services’ monitoring capabilities, you have the ability to monitor storage areas over a large territory and perform real-time monitoring and recording during transport.

Real-time Alerts and Automatic Sensor Detection

Our solution issues alerts in real-time. Sensors are automatically detected on the platform for quick and efficient set up and rapid deployment. If the tolerance thresholds are exceeded, you can take immediate action to preserve the cold chain integrity of your products.

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Food and Beverage Monitoring System