Budgeting for lab instrumentation is a critical factor when running a laboratory.

As a lab manager, you’re probably all too familiar with the word “budget.” Salaries, supplies, and scientific equipment are all things a lab manager must budget for when setting up a lab. Budgeting for lab equipment can feel like a never-ending worry. We can help ease that stress! Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE works with hundreds of labs that rely on proper instrument repair and maintenance. The good news is, we have a “full spectrum” of solutions when it comes to your instrument repair and maintenance needs.

Budgeting for Lab Instrumentation

Major lab equipment is often a big percentage of any lab budget. These purchases aren’t a one-time deal either! Whether brand new or refurbished—any instrument will require maintenance at some point. When budgeting for lab equipment, you will want to account for the cost of instrument repair and maintenance. Treat these maintenance costs like any other recurring expense. That way, these maintenance costs aren’t a surprise when they happen. Trust us… they WILL happen.

Having to decide between different pieces of equipment on a budget can be a tough choice. After all, you have to make every penny count! Create a spreadsheet with the equipment costs, such as purchase price and estimated maintenance expenses. Rank the lab instruments based on necessity and cost. Working in a lab, you know the importance of data. Categorizing the equipment based on need vs. budget will help ensure you use the funds in the most efficient manner. This method also allows you to evaluate the cost of each instrument. You might identify equipment on which you can compromise or create a wish list of sorts. Consider whether you need brand new equipment or if refurbished instruments could do. Remember to consider compliance requirements in your rankings (see our previous blog on pharmaceutical compliance).

Budgeting for lab equipment maintenance and repairs.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE always recommends budgeting for instrument repair and maintenance with any lab equipment purchase. As mentioned above, planning ahead for these costs reduces the element of surprise. We’ve been in the industry for decades and know the stress equipment that’s down can cause. Not to mention, equipment often becomes more complex over time. Most lab budgets don’t allow purchases of every new machine. There will come a day, however, where you have to retire that well-worn instrument. As techniques improve, lab equipment intelligence evolves in tandem. More complex instrumentation equates to higher maintenance costs.

Every lab must keep instrumentation in good working condition. One must consider the viability of samples and experiments. The smallest piece of equipment can cause huge delays if not working correctly. Lab instrument repair and maintenance requires adequate preparation and planning. Trying to source repairs while facing a deadline can wrack any nerve. Be prepared with Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE. We offer on-demand services, and also provide service contracts for enterprise repair services.

When budgeting for lab equipment repair, you will find there are many maintenance providers.

Each provider has a smorgasbord of instrument repair and maintenance plans. It can be overwhelming to find the best solution for you and your lab. Try ranking your options in three different categories: speed, ease of communication, and cost. You want a lab instrument repair and maintenance partner that can respond quickly. It’s preferable if they have experience in the industry and can understand and diagnose the issue. Let’s not forget we’re budgeting for lab equipment repair here: it must be affordable. The right lab equipment repair partner can be critical to a laboratory’s success.

We know every lab has unique challenges and tailor-made requirements.

The right lab instrument repair and maintenance service provides peace of mind. A lab can focus on science when they have the right partner. The work requires reliable scientific equipment, producing accurate and efficient results. Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE and our spectrum of solutions can keep your lab operational.

The Full Spectrum Advantage

The right lab instrument repair and maintenance partner.

For lab managers and directors looking to streamline operations and control costs, Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE’s service contracts are a great solution. We know every lab is unique. We start each partnership by assessing your lab. This step allows us to understand your equipment needs and provide the best-tailored contract for your budget. We also identify which instruments are critical and non-critical. These designations are helpful when budgeting for lab equipment repair. We are serious when it comes to your budget and lab equipment. We strive to be good stewards of every lab. Your partnership with Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE includes access to a Personal Contract Manager. They coordinate with our team of expert service engineers to ensure onsite service within 48 hours for critical repairs. This single point of contact will also schedule routine PM visits.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE offers a wide array of contract options. Speak with a team member at any time for a free consultation. If you’re not ready for a consultation, check out our options for instrument repair maintenance.
We hold ourselves to a high standard, whether you have a contract with us or not. If you’re experiencing instrument failure for an asset not under contract with us, we can help. We promise the same level of communication and care with our on-demand lab equipment repair services.

Other ways to budget.

Lab location and your neighbors can be a big factor when budgeting for lab equipment. Many major research institutions—such as universities—host facilities with expensive equipment, like freezers or custom cold rooms. Ask your colleagues and neighbors if they have any spare instruments. Oftentimes, other faculty will be happy to donate older equipment. In most cases, the instrumentation works great and can save your budget a lot of money. Even if the equipment needs some repairs, you’ll still save on the initial cost. Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE may be able to extend the lifetime of equipment with regular instrument repair and maintenance. Using shared resources can be a great way to open up some spending for your independent lab.

Another way to extend your budget is to consider refurbished equipment from Full Spectrum Lab Services.

We maintain an ever-changing inventory of refurbished instruments. A tried-and-true, cost-effective solution, refurbished instrumentation is often cheaper than brand new equipment. The best part is the peace of mind, knowing your refurbished equipment has been refurbished by an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. Not to mention, we offer a one-year warranty and our usual excellent service.

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE can also budget for you with our annual service contracts. When a lab has an annual service contract with us, that lab will have a solid estimate of their annual maintenance budget. The budget can include equipment, parts and/or labor. We customize these service contracts so you only pay for what you need. The obvious benefit is that it removes the stress of budgeting. You know your budget is in good hands with Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE.

Other options to save cost and budget for lab equipment can include new lab start-up programs. Even local appliance or big-box stores can offer cost-effective solutions. The most critical factor when budgeting for lab equipment is the most obvious. Once you create a budget for your lab, stick to that budget as much as possible.

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