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Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE provides top-tier calibration and metrology solutions. We are globally accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our services include on-site, ship-in-ship-out, and account-based calibration. We also offer customized gauge programs and calibration database services. With our consulting services, we can design a metrology program to meet your specific needs. Our “full spectrum” approach keeps your lab in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The goal of our metrology services is not only to meet your calibration requirements. We take a proactive stance to plan beyond simple calibration. Our metrology team offers measurement uncertainty analysis, lab accreditation consulting, proactive out-of-tolerance notification, and online equipment status. Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE offers metrology services for many industries, including oil and gas, forensic science, biopharma, telecom, and data centers.

Metrology Consulting Services

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE can assist you with your metrology needs. Many customers don’t realize that out-of-tolerance (OOT) investigation costs can extend far beyond calibration expenses. Additionally, the risk of having an in-tolerance calibration result reported when the calibration is actually out of tolerance can be a very costly situation. 

We help companies decrease compliance-related follow-up work, and decrease out-of-tolerance related costs. We also help companies accurately assess the measuring portion of their manufacturing risk. 

Our metrology services provide a cohesive blend of our knowledge and yours. We set up, staff, and manage the operation based on your regulatory needs and quality standards. This process allows you to focus on the science—with the support of a world-class calibration lab.

Our metrology services include:
  • Researching and defining process tolerances
  • Using top of the line equipment
  • Strengthening your quality assurance program for
    measurements review
  • Risk-based calibration interval analysis
  • Reporting calibration results
  • Calibration database review
  • Staff training

Types of Metrology Services

Instrument Calibration — Our metrology services calibrate various instruments and equipment used in the lab. Balances, pipettes, thermometers, pH meters, and spectrophotometers are all instruments we calibrate using metrology. Calibration ensures that these instruments provide accurate and reliable measurements.

Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) — Metrology involves the use of SRMs, which are certified reference materials with known and traceable properties. SRMs serve as benchmarks for calibrating instruments and validating measurement methods.

Measurement Uncertainty — Metrology helps assess and quantify the uncertainty associated with a measurement. Uncertainty analysis considers factors such as instrumental limitations, environmental conditions, and operator variability to estimate the range within which the true value of a measurement lies.

Traceability — Metrology establishes traceability, which is the ability to relate a measurement result to a known standard through an unbroken chain of calibrations. This ensures the reliability and comparability of measurements made across different labs or by different instruments.

Statistical Analysis — Metrology employs statistical techniques to analyze measurement data. This includes methods such as regression analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and more. These statistical tools help evaluate the accuracy and precision of measurements and identify outliers. They can also assess the validity of experimental results.

Metrology in Chemistry — In chemical analysis, we use our metrology services for accurate measurement of substances. These assessments can determine concentration, purity, and the amount of analyte present in a sample. This involves techniques such as gravimetry, titration, spectrophotometry, chromatography, and atomic absorption spectroscopy.

Metrology in Physics — In physics labs, metrology is essential for precise measurements of physical qualities. Length, mass, temperature, and electric current are examples of measurements that must be precise. These measurements are often carried out using advanced instruments like laser interferometers, atomic force microscopes, and more.

Lab Relocation Services

Areas of expertise

  • Metrology services and consulting
  • Calibration capabilities
  • Metrology training programs
  • Recalibration notices
  • Traceable calibrations
  • Calibration database management

Scope of Accreditation

  • Length – Dimensional Metrology
  • Photometry and Radiometry
  • Thermodynamic Quantities
  • Chemical Quantities
  • Electrical – DC/Low Frequency
  • Time and Frequency
  • Mass and Mass Related
  • Acoustics and Vibration

A2LA Accredited

Other Calibration Services

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE provides an array of options for calibrating your metrology equipment. They can be inclusive of one method or a blend of all of them. CBRE experts will meet with you and establish a blend of options that fit your needs.

Lab Calibration Services – The CBRE Calibration Center of Excellence offers a mail-in option for customer calibrations. The highest accuracy instruments and reference standards must also be sent to the laboratory.

On-site Calibration Services – If you have a large quantity of items that need calibration or in-process equipment that cannot be moved, our metrology experts can calibrate these items at your location. The benefits for on-site services are reduced shipping costs, less equipment downtime, and minimal process disruption. 

Total Management Solutions – Although we can support most of your instrument’s calibrations, no calibration lab can support 100% of a customer’s equipment. For that reason, we have a large database of vendors that provide these services.

Advantages of using management solutions:

  • Approved vendor list (most offering accredited calibrations)
  • Single source for 100% of calibration spend
  • Cost savings by working with one vendor
  • Leveraged spend to vendors, producing cost savings
  • All calibrations reviewed to ensure calibration performed matched customer needs
  • All calibration documentation uploaded to IndySoft, allowing you access to data
  • Automatic recall notification