Cold Storage Monitoring

In a modern laboratory, implementation and maintenance of comprehensive monitoring systems is crucial. Proper cold storage monitoring ensures efficient operations and maintains optimal conditions for both equipment and personnel.

Proper storage of sensitive materials is crucial to long-term integrity and effectiveness. Inadequate storage conditions, especially in cold storage units, can lead to spoilage, degradation, or loss of valuable and invaluable products and samples. A lack of cold storage monitoring can impact research outcomes or diagnostic procedures.


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About Cold Storage Monitoring

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Importance of Cold Storage Monitoring

Laboratories often rely on cold storage units like refrigerators, freezers, and ultra-low temperature freezers. Cold storage preserves temperature-sensitive items, like vaccines, biological samples, reagents, and more. Fluctuations in temperature, power outages, or equipment malfunctions, however, can jeopardize the stability of stored materials.

Effective monitoring plays a pivotal role in safeguarding these valuable assets. By providing real-time data, alerts, and predictive diagnostics, it allows lab and/or facility managers to take swift action to prevent damage or loss.

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Features of an Effective Cold Storage Monitoring System

Cold storage monitoring plays a pivotal role in optimizing laboratory efficiency. By continuously tracking the usage of laboratory equipment and assets, scientific facilities can identify underutilized or overburdened resources. This real-time insight allows for effective planning and allocation of equipment, reducing downtime and preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Cold storage monitoring enables informed decisions on asset acquisition, retirement, or replacement. By extension, this practice leads to cost savings with its predictive diagnostics data, and improved budget allocation. With a streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity, researchers can focus more on their core scientific pursuits.

Temperature Monitoring and Reporting

Continuous monitoring of temperature levels within storage units is essential.

Reliable cold storage monitoring should offer real-time temperature readings, historical data logging, and customizable alerts for temperatures beyond predefined thresholds.

Comprehensive data logging and reporting functionalities help in analyzing trends and complying with regulatory requirements. Cold storage monitoring also identifies potential issues before they escalate.

Temperature Monitoring and Remote Monitoring and Notifications

As a lab manager, access to cold storage monitoring data offsite is essential.

Web-based platforms or mobile applications allow laboratory staff to track conditions 24/7. Remote cold storage monitoring enables prompt intervention in case of emergencies.

Asset utilization data is updated and made available in real time. Laboratory managers and researchers can access this information through Full Spectrum Lab Services’ dashboards, providing them with instant insight into asset usage patterns. Our cold storage monitoring alarms notify personnel, ensuring the safety of your lab’s stored materials.

Best Practices

Maintenance is Key

Like any piece of lab equipment, proper and regular maintenance is key. Scheduled maintenance and calibration of cold storage units are vital to ensure accurate temperature readings and optimal performance. Cold storage monitoring systems can notify you when it’s time for maintenance.

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Scalable Solutions

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE’s cold storage monitoring is a fully scalable solution for laboratories of any size. Our experienced laboratory consulting team starts the process with an evaluation of your regulated spaces. Once we have an understanding of the space and industry requirements, we configure your sensors.

After we configure and test the system, we train your staff to ensure correct system usage going forward. We can even set up system alerts for open doors, specific temperature fluctuations, and more. These alerts are available in many forms, such as texts, emails, voice calls, and visual alerts. Monitoring as a service includes:

  • Onsite installations, training, and mapping services
  • Remote support and remote calibration services
  • Remote access to reports on temperature, pressure, humidity, O2 levels, CO2 concentrations, particle counts, and more
  • Custom alerts, such as temperature changes, humidity fluctuations, and open doors
  • Access to a series of reports via your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Data storage in the Microsoft Azure Cloud—an ANAB-accredited Information Security Management System—which guarantees cyber security and data protection
  • 24/7 system uptime (even in the event of internet failure)
  • Onsite calibration services (NIST, UKAS traceable) are available with our mobile laboratory units
  • Your lab will ALWAYS be ready for any kind of compliance audit.

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Seamless Compliance

The compliance component of running a biotech, medical, or pharmaceutical lab is stressful. Our cold storage monitoring solutions can ease some of that burden. Necessity is the mother of invention, but peace of mind is the purpose of our remote monitoring solution. We want to help laboratory leaders protect the quality of their science; the reputation of their lab is part of our mission. In the event of an FDA compliance audit, our mobile application is all you need.

A few taps and you have every report necessary for your auditor. You no longer have to schedule a time for qualifications and calibrations. You can forget about outdated reports that don’t pass audits. Our continuous monitoring solutions can store 10,000 data points—with time and date stamps—so you can pull the required data at any moment.

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