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When your lab requires LCMS repair services, contact Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE to learn about the different ways that we can help.

At Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE, we love helping our clients achieve their goals. The best lab managers want to create a high-functioning scientific environment where results are accurate, reproducible, and consistent — we know this is not an easy task. When your instrumentation goes down, the science stops cold. Lost time in a lab translates very quickly to lost revenue, so having the right LCMS repair partner becomes pretty important. When waiting weeks for a repair is not an option, Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE is your definitive answer.

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LCMS Repair Service Contracts with Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE

Enjoy one bill from one multi-vendor service provider.

Imagine how nice it would be to have one contract with one multi-vendor service partner for all of your lab’s equipment. We commonly hear how simple our contract process is, and how effective it is when it comes to keeping the lab’s critical instruments in healthy circulation. Our LCMS repair service contracts are meant to make sure you have quick response times for repairs, flexible planned preventative maintenance (PM) schedules, and a speedy source for needed repair parts.

Lab Service Contracts

Lab Manager

LCMS Parts & Labor Inclusions

Getting stuck with unforeseen repair costs can be frustrating for any lab manager who is trying to stick to an annual budget.

Many service contracts only cover PM visits, but this does not help during a critical instrumentation failure. At Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE, we ask thoughtful questions about your lab so we can custom-tailor a contract that meets your unique needs. The parts and labor inclusions come with 48-hour response times, in-stock guarantees on parts with high failure rates, amazing tech support, and more. And since Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE is a leading supplier of LCMS repair parts, you won’t have to worry about waiting weeks for your new pump to come in. This accelerates our ability to get your LCMS back into circulation faster (with no unplanned costs and minimum downtime). Flexibility and agility are central to our service philosophy at Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE.

LCMS Maintenance (Scheduled Preventative Maintenance)

Schedule one-off PM visits, or get it in the contract.

Part of a well-rounded service contract includes planned PM visits. This is a great opportunity to bring up any issues that you have been experiencing with your LCMS instrumentation. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help to extend the life of your investment, but it can also flush out any needed repairs that could cause unplanned downtime in the future. If your contract is ending and you’re curious about what kind of service contract Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE could put together for you, get in touch with us today. We look forward to creating a contract that is tailored exactly to your specific instrumentation needs.

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Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE offers a myriad of services for labs in many different industries. Download this brochure to learn more about our company and our service offerings.

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LCMS Qualification Services (IQ/OQ/PQ)

At Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE, we offer a variety of lab equipment qualification services to a myriad of industries. If you are moving your lab to a new location, our Installation Qualification services will come in handy. Perhaps you work in a highly regulated industry that requires regular Performance Qualification and Operational Qualification reports? If so, Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE is the multi-vendor service provider that you’ve been looking for. Here is a quick overview of the different qualification categories:


Installation qualification ensures correct installation and configuration.

Installation Qualification is a validation procedure that ensures the proper transport, installation, and configuration of your LCMS instrumentation (based upon an OEM-approved list).


Operational qualification measures performance against OEM criteria.

Operational Qualification, or OQ, is also common when it comes to lab-quality assurance. The OQ process involves referencing documented operating ranges that have been supplied by the instrument OEM.


Performance qualification is a demonstration of overall system performance.

Performance Qualification, or PQ, is really about routinely checking your LCMS instrumentation’s performance and cross-referencing results with the OEM’s reported operating ranges.

Billable LCMS Repair Service

Finding the source of the problem can be time-consuming (and frustrating).

While it is normal for the LCMS response to start degrading incrementally after each injection, sometimes the need for changing out the LC column and/or cleaning the mass spectrometer’s interface region becomes too frequent. Not only does this cause inefficiency in the lab, but it might mean that more expensive repair needs are on the horizon. Anyone who has experienced a batch failure knows how debilitating it can be to the lab’s operational flow.

If you’re experiencing low signal noise, missing peaks, loss of sensitivity, or other issues that are causing varied results, contact Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE for a billable service request. We will help you get your instrument back into circulation quickly by getting an experienced LCMS repair service engineer to your lab ASAP.

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We are happy to assemble a custom quote for you or answer any questions you might have. We support MANY different instruments; if you don’t see yours listed on our website, we ask that you still reach out. Our team’s expertise grows every day.

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