Pharmaceutical Environmental Monitoring

We understand the importance of compliance. Our commitment to service includes our ability to support the planning and deployment of your lab’s monitoring systems and processes. Whether you have controlled incubators with critical stability samples, low temperature freezers with valuable cell banks or material—we can have the solution.

Our pharmaceutical environmental monitoring system combines hardware, technology, and our signature service for a turnkey solution.

The loss of biological samples, products, or sample viability issues can translate to a HUGE loss of revenue for the laboratory. In response, we have created a specialized pharmaceutical environmental monitoring solution. Environmental monitoring in pharma requires a robust, remote, and compliant environmental surveillance system. Such a system should include customized alerts and access to reports 24/7—whether on a phone, tablet, or desktop—in seconds. Our system allows you to monitor temperature, humidity, O2, CO2, light intrusion, open door, pressure, and particle counts in everything from ULT freezers and cold rooms to high temperature ovens and incubators.

We install and configure your new monitoring system—and even train the team.

To execute the system’s configuration, we start with set-up of all sensing equipment and network devices. In addition to installation of drivers and software, we can also assist with any customized configuration. Our set-up service even includes in-depth user and administration training.

ULT freezer usage in the lab

Remote Calibration

Full Spectrum Group offers remote calibration services with the ability to calibrate sensors before their due date. We stay on top of compliance to give you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on day-to-day operations.

Temperature Mapping

Our validation/mapping service can include area, room, and chamber thermal mapping and analysis. We can also conduct challenge tests on empty/loaded chambers and static/dynamic storage areas, such as warehouses and distribution centers.

The Full Spectrum Advantage

The mobile app is simple, automated, and long range.

The simple software solution that we provide allows for automatic and manual data recovery in the event of any detected losses. These functions guarantee a recovery rate of nearly 100% for measurements. It is important to understand that this is NOT a loss of measurement data collection, but a temporary loss of communication due to radio coverage.

To limit measurement losses, a relay module makes it possible to avoid radio white zones that may exist between the measurement chain and the radio receiver. Redundancy added during data transmission limits losses by sending each measurement with the previous one—or several previous measurements—at each transmission.

The wireless communication bandwidth for our monitoring sensors is not 2.4 GHz, but rather a very long range and highly secure Long Range Wireless Access Network (LoRaWAN) based on the Internet of Things communication architecture (IoT). This is environmental monitoring in Pharma 4.0.

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