Lab Relocation Services

Providing Specialized Relocation Management


For more than a decade, Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE, Inc. (Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE) has delivered quality instrument relocation services to thousands of laboratories. Our expert team will be working hard to provide you with complete peace of mind, by ensuring you that your laboratory instruments will be reinstalled in optimum working condition at your new location.

Lab Relocation Practices:


  • When a facility is in transition we work to exceed the expectations of our valued clients, providing diverse solutions for all their relocation needs.
  • To make sure your new facility is fully prepared; Project Managers consult with your relocation team, with respect to plumbing, benches, electrical specifications, as well as laboratory design.
  • After the move is complete, our traceable database ensures that the total inventory is accounted for at the site location.
  • In most locations, relocation management is also available on weekends.
  • Should your new location construction be delayed, Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE can provide storage services.
  • Using one relocation team for multiple vendors allows for a smooth transition, reducing downtime and expense.
  • Prior to relocation, preventive maintenance services are available for all instruments.
  • Upon re-installation, validation programs are available.
  • During travel, our relocation team consists of qualified service representatives who will maintain your instrument’s sound condition.