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Our ongoing laboratory service contracts are meant to be flexible; they are custom crafted to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Contact us today so we can work on a plan that increases your lab’s efficiency and profitability.

Lab Service Engineer and Consultant

Full Spectrum Lab Services from CBRE Service Contract

Billable Services

OEM Warranty

Guaranteed 48 Hour On-Site Emergency Repair
Multiple Vendor Support
Prioritizes Analytical Labs
Customizable for Best Value
Consistent Field Reps who Follow your Lab Policies
Proactive Maintenance and Updates
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
Unlimited Technical Support by Phone
Ability to Plan your Budget without Surprises
Streamlined Paperwork and Management
Continued Support of Older Instruments
Customized validations packages allow you to participate in how the protocols for IQ, OQ, and PQ are written.